A Curtain Raiser For Affordable Housing

The appearance of 3D printing know-how is revolutionizing the constructing building business in methods beforehand considered the stuff of science fiction. The know-how, often known as additive manufacturing, includes creating three-dimensional objects from a digital file by laying down successive layers of requisite materials till the specified form is achieved....

#189 CEO Peter Schmitt on Fluent Metal’s single step liquid metal 3D printing technology

On this episode of the Additive Perception podcast, we’re joined by Fluent Metallic CEO Peter Schmitt.  With a background in fantastic artwork, most of Schmitt’s profession has been centered on design, with the CEO spending a number of years occupying the position of Chief Designer at Desktop Metallic.  Throughout his tenure at Desktop, Schmitt’s eyes […]

Print Wave Metal Casting | Hackaday

Direct 3D printing of metallic stays out of attain for the hobbyist for the time being, so casting is commonly the subsequent neatest thing, significantly given the constraints of 3D printed metals. [Denny] from Shake the Future reveals us the best way to simplify the method with “print wave metallic casting.” Step one of printing […]

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